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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register my student?

For help registering students with a particular school, go to the homepage at

  1. From the front page, select parents/students link which is in the middle of the page.
  2. Enter information in the resulting right hand column to register and press register now button.
  3. From there on out, you can enter the site with the email and password you used to register.

I don't see my school listed.

Occasionally, finding a school in the drop down menu can be difficult. If the school is abbreviated, try typing the expanded word. For instance, MT PLEASANT shows up when MOUNT PLEASANT is typed in the field. If you have tried any variations on your school or group, please contact us immediately.

How do I register 2 or more students?

Create one main logon from the 'Parents / Sellers' link on the homepage. From there, once logged in to the 'Parents / Sellers' area of the site, select the 'Add A Seller' to register your other students.

Hint - when sending emails, you can customize the email to be sent from different sellers.

Can I put online items on my 3-part paper order form?

No, web only specials and online magazine subscriptions must be ordered online. However, magazine vouchers can be redeemed by person ordering or given as a gift. Therefore, magazine vouchers are delivered to participating school, group, and student.

I have more than one student - can I have multiple students under one logon?

Yes, by registering under the parent/seller section, you are creating one account with one student. After successful registration and login, select the 'Add a Seller' button or icon to add additional sellers.

Another improvement this year is the ability for each purchase of items over a quantity of 1 to be split among sellers. This is a feature at checkout and is under 'Split Student Credit' link.

How do I register to sell?

Visit - Select 'Parents & Sellers' from the middle of the page or click here. On the right hand side of the page, complete the form fields and press the 'Register Now' button.

From then on, enter the email and password and press 'Login Now' to enter this section of the site. Once logged in you can check sales stats and more.

How do I split my order so that multiple children all get some prize credit?

At checkout you will have the option to split student credit according to the amount of credits available up to a max of four students. On the checkout see the 'Split Student Credit' link. Credits are split evenly except in the case of odd numbers in which case one student gets more than another - 9 credits to 2 students would be 5 credits and 4 credits respectively.

How do seller's get credit for their sales?

Shopping supporters are required upon entering the shopping area to enter the State & School/Group they are supporting. The student name fields are also available here but are not required until checkout. Make sure to enter student names correctly so that they will receive the appropriate 'Prize Credits'.

How does my child receive the prizes they have won?

All prizes earned from orders placed online and on the 3-Part Order Form are sent to the school for distribution on delivery day. They will be labeled by school, teacher and student.

Do online sales ship to school or my home?

Online sales will be sent to the address in the 'Ship To' field on the checkout page of this web site. Online sales are not shipped to the school. Parents of students should not place paper orders over the internet.

I didn't register online, do I still get credit for my online sales?

Absolutely, we will tally your online and paper orders to arrive at your final prize level. Even if a student doesn't register online, we will track their sales and they will be credited for both online and catalog sales. This combined total will generate the student's final prize level.

I know a sale occurred but it did not show up as credit for me?

This is very likely to occur if the student name was entered differently than the student name as entered by the parent or seller. This means that whomever making the purchase entered 'Sam' instead of 'Samuel' for instance. Please contact us to remedy these situations.

My 3-part order form catalog orders don't show up on the web site?

We do not have access to the information on your paper 3-part order form until it is submitted to us by the fundraising sponsor. Even then, we do not populate the web site with your physical sales. The web stats report ONLY those items sold on the shopping web site

In order to calculate your prize level, add the web orders to your catalog orders or use the "PRIZE CALCULATOR" located in the Students & Parents section of

I am purchasing for a child, how do I enter their information so they get credit?

When you get to the web site, enter the "Parents & Students" section. Select a school from the drop-down list unless you were clicking on a direct email/Facebook/MySpace/Twitter link in which case the school/student information is passed on without you needing to visit the splash screen. From there, shop until ready to checkout.

On the first checkout screen, you can verify and edit the student email, student name, school and state if needed.

I am purchasing for a child, I am not sure what name they used to register?

It is very common for students to have a name that is condensed during everyday use. 'Madeline' may go by 'Maddy' for instance. If this is the case and you can't ask the seller what name they used to register with, please contact us and we will double-check to make sure the student gets credit.

If the name is close, we will catch this during our processing and amend it at while processing the school's total order. However, until this processing and updating occurs, your order may not show in the student's login and stats area. Please rest assured that they will receive their appropriate prize credit.

As a seller, how do I check my sales stats?

Students can register and then check online stats anytime. Stats are updated in real-time. Students and parents should visit Parents and Sellers section of the web site. Also, be sure to check out our 'Prize Calculator'!

I can't find cookie dough online!

Cookie Dough is not available for online ordering due to the expense incurred in frozen delivery to individual homes. We deliver school shipments of cookie dough in special refrigerated trucks in bulk deliveries only.

If you can place your order through a student and subsequently be in a position to pick that up from them when they receive the delivery, please place the order directly through a student.

If you are not in close proximity to the school or student, you are welcome to purchase any of the other items on our shopping site - Any order placed (including sale items) credits the school and student for the purchase! You can have internet orders delivered anywhere that UPS and USPS deliver domestically!

Do I need to pay sales tax on my internet order?

Taxes are not required on internet orders. Believe Kids is acting as wholesale supplier for all school and groups. Therefore, all Believe Kids clients, schools, groups and teams, are responsible for their applicable state laws as it relates to sales tax.

I don't want my magazine subscription to start right away... what should I do?

By ordering magazine vouchers, you receive a paper voucher that does not need to be sent in right away. If you are moving for instance, hold on to the voucher until the appropriate time and then send it in. Time Warner, Inc. requires 6-8 weeks for processing online magazine subscription orders which might be enough for you, but if it isn't then we suggest ordering a magazine voucher.

Time Warner customer service may be able to help delay this as well - call toll free 1-877-604-6513 for assistance.

How can I purchase multiple magazine subscriptions as gifts for other people?

By purchasing $10, $20 or $30 pre-paid magazine vouchers, you can easily fill in the response card and send in for fulfillment. All you need is the magazine code and the name and address of the person you would like to send the magazine subscription to. Also included in the voucher is a gift notice that you can present to the person to whom you are giving the gift subscription!

How can I purchase ONLINE magazine subscriptions as gifts for other people?

Use the 'send this as a gift' option to order an online magazine subscription on behalf of a loved one when in 'View Bag' or during checkout. If you ordered additional product items, you will receive your order properly boxed and shipped to you while the subscription will be automatically sent to Time Warner for electronic processing. The gift recipient will receive magazines just like they had purchased the subscription themselves.

I am only ordering a gift card, gift voucher or magazine subscription. Do I have to pay processing / handling?

We reduce the Processing/Handling fee to $2.50 when ONLY those items are ordered. On all other orders, we charge a standard processing/handling charge on transactions falling below our free shipping option. This fee is not related to weight or item quantities but is applied to all orders regardless of the items and quantities. Our position is to promote purchases over $75 by offering free shipping on those orders. All purchases are helping schools and groups directly so every sale counts.

How does a magazine voucher work?

Magazine vouchers are printed certificates that can be used by the ordering individual or given as a gift. To redeem the voucher for a magazine subscription, bearer of voucher only needs to follow the included redemption instructions. Instructions include the options of redemption via mail or online.

What if I lose my magazine voucher?

Call Time Warner Customer Service toll free: (877)604-6513

How does an online magazine subscription work?

A magazine subscription purchased at is placed directly with the publisher. This is convenient in three ways. 1) You are able to gift a one or more subscriptions 2) Start your own subscription 3) Add additional items to your cart to be delivered directly to your home! When sending as a gift, you will see a 'Send this as a gift' button while checking out. Just enter the address of where you want the subscription delivered. Publishers request 4-8 weeks for processing.

I have a current subscription for the magazine I want to order. Will an order here at extend it?

The short answer is yes. When Time Warner receives your electronically processed order, their system should recognize your current subscription by your name, address and other identifying information. Upon recognition, their systems will add-on any online magazine subscription purchased at

Does my magazine subscription ordered at automatically renew?

The short answer is no. As is typical with magazine subscriptions, you will be notified by when your subscription is running out. At that time of notification, you can decide whether to renew or let your subscription end.

Why do some items show up in the catalog and not online?

If we have an item that is out-of-stock, we will pull that from the web site so that we do not have to backorder it and/or send a substitute item in place of it. Please select an alternative item if possible as it is difficult for us to tell when or if an item will again be available. If an item does become available again, we will return the item to the web site whenever possible.

I forgot something. Can I add to my order?

Yes, we can manually add to your order but we do need to speak to you in person. Please call 1-877-723-5438 for assistance.

Do you ship to APO addresses?

Yes we do. Please be aware that chocolates melt in hotter destinations and please order only allowable items. Also, allow extra time for delivery.

Can I use PayPal as a valid form of payment?

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to accept payments via PayPal. Please use a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card to complete your purchase.

I am in Canada or another foreign country but my credit card won't process?

Processing credit cards from non-US issued banks is a problem for us online but we can process these payments manually for you by calling toll-free 1-877-723-5438.

What shipping method will you use?

We ship UPS ground, UPS Basic, & UPS Mail Innovations for all of our shipments in the contiguous 48 states. We ship USPS to Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam.

I have a debit card transaction showing at my bank.

A debit card can take up to 3 days to correctly post to your account. During that time, it may show as pending on your internet banking site. There are instances where a hold may be placed on the funds from a debit card for a period of time. Credit card processing companies do not have control over how banks handle this. If this is occurring to you for any reason, your bank may be able to take care of it for you.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover. We do not accept American Express. The web site should accept payments using Visa gift cards. If your credit card is issued by a bank outside the USA, please call us for processing. If you are using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card and are receiving decline errors, please refer to the 'My transaction did not process' question found below.

My transaction did not process, I received an error message and no receipt page or email receipt.

There are a few reasons that transactions will not process correctly:

  1. An address mismatch can cause a card decline even where there is plenty of available balance to work with. If you moved recently and didn't give the credit card company your new address yet, this is likely to be the issue. If you compare the billing address submitted on the site with your address as it appears on your credit card statement, you may notice differences that can be corrected.
  2. Your credit card billing address as entered on the web site does not match what is on file with your credit card company. In order to best match this, take a look at your address on your credit card bill. Entering this as it appears on your statement should correct the problem.
  3. Mistyped information - always a classic. It is likely that information was entered incorrectly such as card numbers or expiration dates, etc.
  4. Over-limit or other actual credit card problems - if you believe you are experiencing this, please call your credit card company.
  5. Server error - it is possible that a server error can occur at any time. Although highly unlikely, if you experience an error where you see code, please copy and paste it onto our contact form so we can see what is going on and fix the problem.
  6. It is possible that apostrophes or other extraneous characters can cause errors on checkout submission forms. We believe this is not the case with our site presently but if you suspect a problem like this, please let us know.

I purchased with a debit card and I don't want you to charge my card.

We have an automated system for processing credit and debit cards and once they are submitted they do process behind the scenes without our knowledge or control.

The transactions happen instantaneously with your bank. As with any online retailer, once that submit button is pressed the transaction is processed and we are unable to hold off on processing the cards.

When can I expect my online order to arrive?

We make shipments promptly whenever possible. In some cases, we are required to wait until the fundraiser is completed in order to ship product. This means that at times, we intentionally hold shipments until the school is finished with their catalog sale. Depending on when you placed your order, you may receive it later than you would experience with other online stores. For this reason, we ask that you allow up to 5 weeks for delivery. In most cases, shipping will occur much earlier. Magazines are shipped directly from publisher and can require as much as 8 weeks to process.

How do I track my shipment?

You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information once we have permission to ship your items. This email will contain a link to the shipper where tracking information will be posted for your reference.

My tracking information shows that my shipment is NOT in route.

The day that we pack an Internet order for shipping, a tracking number is sent out to you via email. This number will likely not generate any good information until the carrier has scanned the package to confirm that they have picked it up. Checking back at a later time generally remedies the issue by giving the delivery company a chance to scan the item.

Do you sell e-mail addresses?

We do not sell any e-mail address provided to Believe or any of our affiliates to third-parties.

I found an error on your site - What should I do?

Please let us know by calling toll-free at 1-877-723-5438 or emailing from the contact page.

Is this a secure web site?

This site uses 256-bit encryption which will keep your personal information safe. Various browser types may treat the site differently but you should see a locked logo somewhere on the page, a https link in the navigation bar as well as confirmation via specific links to GoDaddy and outlining our security details. Please let us know if you run into any problems or questions about our site security. This site has a valid SSL security certificate.

Is Believe a religious company with religious affiliations?

No. Our name is a homage to our belief that children are our future. We are not a religious organization with any ties or affiliations to any religious organization or group.

How long does it take to receive a response if I call to report a damaged or missing item?

We are a customer service based company. You will find that we are very responsive to customer issues and strive to resolve each and every concern quickly and effectively. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to a damaged or missing call or email.

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